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Mountain Property Services

JP Total has been serving homeowners on the Front Range for seven years. We strongly feel that the combination of services create the best possible conditions for your lawn to look its absolute best. We practice all of our services (aeration, disc cut/overseed, fertilization and Revive™) on our large commercial accounts and get outstanding results that can be achieved on the residential lawn as well. Whether an existing customer or new, give us a call. We'll be happy to serve you any way we can!

residential planting
Xeriscape planting in progress at a mountain residence

Cultivating a Beautiful Lawn

Normal activities such as heavy snows and rain, severe summer heat, mowing and other outdoor activities cause compaction of soil as well as thatch build up.

Hard, compacted soil and thatch take away your lawns ability to breathe.  The best way to relieve compacted soil is by performing aeration.

Aeration will open up your soil and help control thatch.  Thousands of growth pockets will be created to help catch water, air and fertilizer as well as increase rooting.  The holes created by aeration are perfect openings in which grass seed can lodge and germinate.  Be sure to use quality seed that will compliment the grass that you already have.

Lawn Cutting

Lawn cutting is a service we provide not only to retain a well-kept beautiful lawn but a lawn cut frequently is a healthier lawn.  Your lawn should be mowed often so that no more than 1/3 of the grass blade is removed when mowed, leaving the grass at a length of 2-1/2 to 3 inches.  This will decrease drought and put your lawn less at risk to insects, disease, and weeds.


Spring fertilization will feed your lawn with a slow release feeding of nitrogen, phosphorous and potash.  Combined with the aeration, the fall fertilization will ensure a solid growth of both the shoot and root of your lawn.

Power Raking

For lawns with large thatch build-up, power raking will help open the root zone to water, air and fertilizer.  It will also allow area for new grass to grow up through a "choking" lawn.

Garden Bed Installation and Maintenance

Spring is the perfect time to clean up perennial garden beds.  Many perennials may be cut back just above the ground after a hard frost.  Mulching garden beds can be done after the ground has frozen.  Mulch is especially beneficial to newly planted beds.

Small Tree and Shrub Care

For small trees up to 8 ft. and shrubs, we provide trimming and/or pruning to help improve the appearance of your property.

Pine Needle Clean-up

We provide pine needle clean-up for lawns, garden beds, and natural areas to improve appearance and for fire prevention.


Most of you know what a vital ingredient this service is to a consistently healthy and vigorous lawn.  Done in the fall when your lawn's root system is at its highest activity, deep core aeration will create thousands of growth pockets.  These will help your lawn's root system to expand and reduce thatch buildup as well as let fertilizer reach the root zone and air flow to invigorate your lawn.

Wildflower seeding

Disc Cutting & Overseeding

This service to your lawn consists of using a machine with vertical blades that cuts 1-1/2 to 2-inch slits into your lawn.  A constant flow of premium grass seed is dropped directly into the groove created by the disc cutter.  This is beneficial to do every few years.  The disc cut itself helps relieve your lawn of choking debris without the dramatic tearing of a power rake and the new seed will thicken your lawn, helping it resist disease, weeds and extreme heat.  Over seeding your lawn will help keep - or get back to - that fresh sod look.


Application of Revive™ soil conditioner will help the soil to take up water and use it more efficiently.  This is especially helpful for hard compacted soils.  It will add organic matter back to your soil helping to increase its vitality.  Remember, healthy soil promotes a healthy lawn.

Weed Control

A broadleaf weed spray application will help kill weeds such as dandelion, chickweed and clover.  We use a practice known as "spot spraying" which reduces the amount of pesticide actually used by only spraying the weeds - not the entire lawn.   A broadleaf weed spray will only kill those weeds which are present, it cannot prevent new weeds from invading your lawn by way of weed seeds.

Pre-emergent Weed Control

Pre-emergent weed control kills weed seeds before they germinate.  Timing of application is critical for pre-emergence because if the seed has already germinated with warmer weather, the application won't work.  Pre-emergent applications therefore should generally be done in early spring between February and April.

Gutter Cleaning

With the high winds blowing, all sorts of debris and pine needles can get caught and and build up in your gutters.  We added this service to meet the needs of our mountain residential customers.

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